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Virtual Education -Bring a new world of mathematics for kids

“In my own experience game-based learning is motivating because it is fun,” Jane Wilde, an instructor at Marlboro College .

Most of the kids feeling sleepy in mathematics class and getting bored same black board and they feel anxiety when they do mathematics sums. So ivirtual edu! Learning with ivirtual edu should be an exciting, fascinating and challenging experience which will involve the learner moving out of their comfort zone but in a controlled way. The aim is the acquisition of knowledge and a desire to know more about the world around us. Physical modalities can help the learning process. Ivirtual edu helps to concentrate better in mathematics because it boosts oxygen- rich blood flow to the brain. Ivirtual edu provides brain – based physical learning and gestures with learning of content. Ivirtual edu covers the lesson plans for grade 1 to 3. It have more examples for each topic. In the modern world, kids don’t know about environment. With the help of ivirtualedu Kids can know about environmental and also have an active based learning.

Ivirtual edu for teachers

Ivirtualedu helps when explaining a sum easily for kids in a classroom. It is also useful when explaining about how something works, what it means, why it functions in a particular way and where it fits into the scheme of things.

Ivirtual edu for students

Stunning animation of our ivirtual edu, helps the students to learn mathematics eagerly. Interactive way of learning as they can get. So do not feel that mathematics is a boring lesson in cause. Very happy to learn math. They can also know about environment. One suggestion has been the focus of each lesson so they can develop their thinking ability. In some problems students want to do with their peers. The students struggling to become part of the class group were able to become accepted by their peers because of their technology skills.

“We are in no doubt now that virtual reality will become an ever more important part of education,” James Corbett, the managing director of Mission V .


Ascending order.>------------------------------>Story lines

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The mother deer went to the top of the fill.But the deer cub is at the foot of the hill. To send the deer cub to the top of the hill you need to arrange the given numbers in ascending order which is in the mouth of the flying bird.

How Does It Functioning?

Pupil wants to performing a physical action to workout the sum. When the start message appears in the right corner, children have to listen the numbers given in the flying bird. After that they want to find the small number by swipe their hand (left or right). When they find the correct answer they want to jump to confirm their answer. After that that number will be display in the hill. Do the same work to finish the sum.

Even Number.>--------------------------------->Story lines

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A Buffalo is in the bank of a river. It want to escapes from crocodiles in the river and go through the rocks to reach the shore of the river. To do this, the pupil want to select the even numbers from the given numbers in the rock and also have to do the thing in ascending order also.

How Does It Functioning?

Pupils start by performing a physical kinesics ( hand raising and etc), when the start message appears in the right corner, student have to solve the problem follow by the correct actions.

Time.>----------------------------------------->Story lines

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In an aerodrome, some planes are landing. we want to fly the plane. To do this, pupils want to convert the time given in the digital clock into analog clock. They need to move the small pin only. If they do the sum correctly, the flight will fly.

How Does It Functioning?

In a digital clock, time is displaying. Pupil want to convert the time in to analog clock by the correct physical actions. The pupil have to fix the small pin correctly.

Missing Number .>------------------------------>Story lines

Section Image

Dinosaur standing on a shore of the river, wants to cross the river via wooden bridge to go to another bank . The bridges are in separately. Some of numbers displays in the wooden bridge. We want to stretches in the missing numbers on the wooden bridge using the numbers given in the flying birds. If the pupil do correctly, woods will stretches and the dinosaurs can go.

How Does It Functioning?

The pupil wants to select the missing numbers correctly by using some physical actions, if they do correctly the dinosaur can cross the river by wooden bridge.

Product Details

I-Virtual Edu is developed for the kids for the age group of 4-9 years. This is the software makes children to learn their studies thru action. its an action based method of learning.Currently we developed version-1 which covers only mathematics. Children will easily memorize their lessons due to the graphics covered in their studies. It contains maximum of concept based learning.

This product is equivalent for all curricular, kids can learn thru this product in school as well as at home.Since this is an Concept based learning, it is easier for any one who teach’s and also who learn.In a classroom while one child start doing the activity, others kids in the classroom watching will easily learn the lesson. They will also start guiding the child to complete the activity.

This action has 32 movements for the body which keeps the children physically active and brilliant. Their is no restriction for any of the kids to do this activity, so some of the actions can be done for the kids who are off-limits.Kids happiness is playing, I- Virtual is the happiness of kids.

I Virtual Edu Full Package

  • 75 Concept based Games
  • 18 Math Topics
  • Covered Maximum topics in math up to Grade 3
  • Can do your Math Curriculum
  • All Curriculum in any Country
  • Follows Math Curriculum for 4 – 9 Years
  • Free Updates

Requirements To operate I Virtual Edu, you will need:

  • Kinect for Windows sensor Xbox One
  • Windows 8 or newer operating system
  • Dual-core 3 GHz or faster processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 50 GB free disk space
  • Dedicated USB 3.0 bus
  • External graphics card
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Physical Exercises

Kids doesn’t like to sit in a place, we make them to do physical exercise like doing Squat, jumps, raising hands etc. This exercise gives them positive energy to learn.